That funky smell? Blame it on bacteria.

Perspiration isn’t the problem. Sweat—hero of the body’s cooling system—is completely odorless. But when sweat and fabric come together, microorganisms on the skin have a field day. In this cozy moist environment, bacteria digest sweat, lipids, and other organic matter. With digestion comes excrement, and that’s when things get stinky. Bacterial excretions cause odor.

Easily embedded in textiles, microorganisms are nearly impossible to get out. In apparel and home textiles— especially synthetics—bacteria create an unpleasant effect called perma-stink. In footwear, it’s the same problem but with different organisms. This invisible, organic funk won’t wash out, and you’re left with bad-smelling textiles.

There are plenty of odor-management and antimicrobial product protection options. All but one have serious trade-offs.

With conventional odor control solutions, there are chemical and environmental trade-offs. That’s not the case with LifeNatural. Our technology uses the plant extract, peppermint oil, to control odor-causing bacteria in textiles and polymeric materials.

Life Natural is applied to textiles during manufacturing and is durable through repeated washings. It’s an easy, cost competitive replacement for odor control chemicals such as silver chloride, zinc pyrithione, and silane quaternary ammonium. And Life Natural delivers the same—or better—odor control performance.

We Make A Natural, Odor Control Treatment For Your Market

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Make Our Sustainability Part Of Your Brand Positioning

Customers love sustainability as much as they dislike a bad smell. In addition to being the ecologically right thing to do, sustainable ingredients give products and brands a better story to tell.

Life Natural invites you to use our natural odor control story to support your brand positioning. Our planet-friendly attributes will become an easy-to-understand part of your brand’s sustainability story. In fact, we offer support in a variety of areas that will enhance and accelerate your marketing communications.

Let’s Talk About Taking Your Odor Control To The Next Level

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