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For Apparel

Life Natural Is A Versatile And Ready-To-Use Solution

As diverse as the textile world may be, the challenge of effective, sustainable odor control cuts across all categories. Our connections to the textile industry run deep, giving us the insight and experience to understand your needs and deliver solutions—when and where needed.

Beyond odor control, Life Natural keeps garments fresher longer, requiring fewer washings. Less frequent washings extends garment life by protecting fabrics and colors, and also reduces the amount of microplastics that wash out of both synthetic and cellulosic fabrics and into our waterways.


  • Natural, renewable and sustainable
  • Versatile odor control on natural and synthetic fabrics
  • Garments stay fresher longer, require fewer washings
  • Durable through repeated washings
  • Fewer launderings means reduced microplastic pollution

Let’s Talk About Taking Your Odor Control To The Next Level

Reach out to us today to discuss treatments for your products, performance testing, mill technical support, regulatory compliance, cost estimates, and anything else that’s on your mind. We’re eager to demonstrate how Life Natural can add to your product performance and your brand's success.