The science of peppermint.

Peppermint Oil Has Powerful Anti-Bacterial Properties

In addition to being a tasty ingredient in food, candy, toothpaste and other familiar products, peppermint oil is highly effective in controlling odor on textiles, plastics, foams and leathers.

From the start, we’ve been deeply impressed by and immersed in peppermint’s possibilities. We’ve leveraged that knowledge to bring Life Natural to market.

Our source plant, Mentha piperita, is farmed under specific environmental factors including soil, salinity, nutrition, water, temperature, photoperiod, plant age—even harvesting and planting times.

The resulting peppermint components have a unique profile that supports antimicrobial efficacy resulting in very effective and durable odor control for textiles and other materials.

The Value Of Sustainability

Life Natural Offers A Proven, Environmentally Friendly Way To Control Odor

Sustainability is an essential attribute for today’s brands. It’s at the very heart of ours. With natural peppermint oil as our active ingredient, Life Natural is the only sustainable, effective odor control choice for textiles.

And since Life Natural doesn’t use heavy metals or synthetic chemicals to control odor, it’s safer for everyone and everything.

Saves Resources

  • Textiles treated with Life natural require less laundering, saving water, energy and time.

Reduces Pollution

  • Less frequent laundering reduces microplastic pollution.
  • Life Natural is a sustainable alternative to conventional odor control treatments. Conventional odor control treatments frequently use heavy metals that can wash off textiles and enters waterways.

A Natural For Brand Positioning

With recycled fibers and fabrics, safer dyeing and many other sustainable measures, your brand has made significant progress in addressing sustainability. Take the next step. Life Natural is an easy, effective way to avoid old, metal-based or synthetic organic odor control technologies. ‘Natural’ resonates with consumers. We can help you make the transition effortless while providing you with global brand messaging and supply chain implementation support.

The Versatility Of Our Product Platform

More than just a single product, Life Natural is a platform of sustainable odor control solutions based on natural peppermint oil.

We’ve developed peppermint oil-based formulations that can be added as finishing treatments to any fabric type, including cotton, polyester, nylon, elastane and blends. Additionally, we have peppermint oil-based formulations for use in polymeric footwear materials, such as PU foam and EVA foam.

Many of the current metal-based and synthetic organic technologies will be phased out of the market due to the negative impact on health, safety and the environment. Life Natural’s peppermint oil formulations are a superior, affordable and sustainable alternative to traditional odor control chemistries.