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For Home Textiles

Life Natural Is A Versatile And Ready-To-Use Solution

Life Natural lets home textile products live up to the squeaky-clean performance consumers expect. From top-of-bed to bathroom area rugs, our peppermint oil-based treatments keeps odor-causing bacteria in check for a fresher user experience, every time. Fewer washings are required, which extends the textile life and reduces the amount of microplastics released during laundering. Life Natural is ideal for bedding fill and shells, protectors, sheets and pillows, towels and bathmats.


  • Natural, renewable and sustainable
  • Durable odor control and antimicrobial product protection for natural and synthetic textiles
  • Keeps home textile products cleaner and odor-free between launderings
  • Fabrics stay fresher longer and require fewer launderings
  • Saves water through reduced need for laundering
  • Reduces microplastic pollution from laundering sources

Let’s Talk About Taking Your Odor Control To The Next Level

Reach out to us today to discuss treatments for your products, performance testing, mill technical support, regulatory compliance, cost estimates, and anything else that’s on your mind. We’re eager to demonstrate how Life Natural can add to your product performance and your brand's success.