We believe in the power of peppermint.

About our company, our leadership, and how we came to be.


We’re An Odor Control Innovator

We offer textile brands and manufacturers a powerful advantage: Peppermint oil.

Peppermint oil is the active ingredient that makes our odor control treatments natural. By using Life Natural odor control treatments, our brand customers are reducing microplastics from textile laundering, and eliminating the use of and potential release of heavy metal or synthetic chemicals from conventional odor control treatments. And through our textile experience, research, and development, Life Natural odor control treatments are as durable at controlling odor as any conventional odor control treatment. Life Natural is an innovative solution that keeps products fresher longer, requiring less frequent laundering. When we launder less frequently, this saves water and reduces detergent and microplastics pollution. Given the choice, Life Natural is the fresh solution you can choose for your clothes, shoes and home textiles.

We’re A Full-Service Technology Partner

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their product and sustainability objectives. We believe our peppermint oil technology fills an essential gap that no one else is addressing—and that it can make a difference for the planet and your bottom line. We help manufacturers incorporate Life Natural into their supply chains and production lines. And we help brands market their new sustainability attributes in a way that satisfies regulatory authorities and resonates with consumers.

We’re Sustainability Advocates

We’ve had a passion for sustainability and stewardship since day one. Life Natural uses oil from peppermint plants to control odor in garments, fabrics and textiles. Our peppermint oil technology keeps garments fresher longer, which reduces the frequency of launderings, therefore also reduces water usage. Best of all, it replaces the odor control treatments based on heavy metals and synthetic chemicals that otherwise go down the drain and into the environment.

Our Story

We’re a team of seasoned experts who have honed our resumes at other companies specializing in odor control technologies for apparel, footwear and home textiles. We’ve seen first-hand what retailers and brands like and don’t like. And we’ve dedicated our efforts to creating odor control technologies that meets the requirements and expectations of businesses and consumers alike.

Our goal of revolutionizing odor control for textiles led us to a technology breakthrough—peppermint oil—that inspired our name and defines our product platform. Life Natural is sustainable and renewable, offering all the odor control advantages with none of the environmental drawbacks. There’s really nothing else like it.

Operationally, we’re structured for global success—ours and yours. We offer generous product flexibility and problem-solving creativity. Our manufacturing is competitive and strategically based in Southeast Asia. And our customer support comes from a team of industry experts who cover Europe, North America, South America, and Asia Pacific.

At Life Natural, we’re committed to delivering technical solutions that are as green as they are great, as effective as they are sustainable. In other words, we’re doing what we intended from the start––and couldn’t be happier about it.